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About Proper Puppy Food and Nutrition

Having a new puppy at home is like having a new baby. It is definitely exciting. And it also requires a whole lot of effort, patience, and care – particularly in feeding. Like a human baby, you have to make sure your puppy has all the nutrients it needs to grow into a healthy adult. This is why brands of pet food like Advance, Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, and others have special bags and cans for puppies. Manufacturers also specify feeding instructions in the package of their products to make sure you feed your pets the proper amount of kibble or wet food, whichever the case may be.One of the main reasons why you need to be careful about feeding your puppy is weight. If your pup gets less than the proper amount of nutrition, it might not reach the standard size for its breed. Puppies need just the right amount of protein, calories, vitamins and minerals to sustain their fast growth. They wouldn’t get enough of those from regular adult dog food. The opposite can also happen if you don’t take care of what you give your pup. It can also become an overweight adult.

Furthermore, your pet can also have more serious health issues like hip dysplasia. While it is usually a genetic problem, hip dysplasia or other problems in hip joint development in dogs can also be caused by too little or too much calcium intake.You can start feeding your puppy canned or wet food first, since you need to wait for it to have baby teeth before it can be fed dry food. Mix a tablespoon of puppy formula with two tablespoons of canned puppy food like Advance, Hills Science Diet, or other similar brands. Feed the puppy to its satisfaction every 4 to 6 hours.Once your puppy reaches its 6th month, it can generally take in dry food. To do this switch, mix a few of the dry to the wet food. Gradually increase the dry and lessen the wet food until your pup is already eating an entire meal of dry food.

To help your puppy practice chewing, you need to give it chew toys. In this way, it also doesn’t have to settle for your couch or personal items whenever it has the urge to chew on something.Lastly, make sure you give fresh, clean water to your puppy. Train your puppy to drink water by showing it properly its own water dish. To prevent it from stuffing its tummy with water, show your puppy the water dish only after it’s done eating. After walking outside or playing, let the puppy rest for a few minutes before giving it some water.